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Stunning Landscape Renovation

Some properties just need an overhaul to come back to life.

When we were asked by this client to redo their property, we teamed up with our landscape architect and started from the ground up. The total project involved a perimeter board fence, excavating years of piled on mulch and overgrown plants, regrading the property with over 200 tons of fill dirt and topsoil, thousands of square feet of fresh sod, and over 400 new plants, with a heavy focus on using natives where possible.

This is representative of what the property looked like before we arrived to redo the landscape. Overgrown roses, invasive species choking other more desirable plants, and some less than tasteful landscaping overall.

These photos show the progress being made in the middle stages of the project. Over 8 tons of irregular bluestone was laid for various walkways around the property. A custom fence was installed to cover the pool pumps and filters and the HVAC units on the far end of the main house. All of the plants were completely removed and replaced with new.

Lastly, here shows the completed project being tidied up for the client to return to his newly finished grounds. Installed sod, added 60 tons of stone to the driveway, cleaned up all of the stone and spread mulch on all of the beds. It is the simple finishing touches that go a long way, making sure all surfaces are clean and like we were never there. That is how we perform landscape installations.


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