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Below are some examples of our client's farms and a brief description of what they have hired or retained us to provide. 

Bundoran Farm

2,300 Acres


Since 2021, we have been retained as a private contractor to assist in developing and implementing a sustainable, cost effective maintenance regiment. We supplement existing farm management with a variety of our services to ensure all aspects of the farm operate fluidly. 

Nydrie Stud

585 Acres

Home to Jet Pilot, the 1947 Kentucky Derby winner. After years of disuse, we were the first ones on the property in over 20 years to uncover and discover what hid behind decades of growth, hidden fence lines, long-lost pasture and an incredibly advanced-for-its-time infrastructure. 

Lowfields Farm

249.85 Acres


Listed on the National Registrar of Historic places as Western View, we had the privilege of consulting directly with the client and designing the improvements to the original infrastructure, as well as designing the beef cattle operation. We developed a comprehensive plan to restore the original carriage roads that were an integral part of the community in Bremo Bluff at one point in time and stretched over three miles, carrying goods and people to and from the James River. 

Rooks Ford Farm

2,419.65 Acres

A storied, beautiful land in the historic Monticello region. We're working closely with the property owner in a variety of capacities. Things we're currently doing for this client:

  • Design and Planning

  • Excavating, Road, Site, Pond Construction

  • General Contracting & Project Management

  • Farm Management

  • Utilities, Permitting, Construction, Engineering and Surveying

  • Fence Construction

  • Conservation Easement Navigation

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