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Quick Fence Repair

Marc & TJ of our fence installation crew knocked out a new fence in Free Union

This client had called and asked about replacing or repairing their fence. They weren't entirely sure what was needed since the fence posts still seemed sturdy. The posts were not rotten by any means, so we quickly decided to replace the posts that had been chosen by carpenter bees. Our fence installation crew quickly removed all of the old boards that had succumbed to lichens, split and cracked. Within 2 days the old fence was down and the new fence was installed.

We will not recommend anything that is not necessary and will work with all of our clients to find the most appropriate solution. This prescription took into consideration that time is not the friend of any fence, regardless of age or condition. These posts were older, but showed no signs of rot, on both the top of the post or the bottom. Many board fences settle with time and warp slightly. We were able to adjust all of the posts to ensure the aesthetics and strength. This fence should last another lifetime without issue.


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