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Fire On The Mountain

Hazy, Smoky Skies Make Carter's Mountain Disappear...


This photo was taken at 300' or so with a DJI Mini 3 Pro 48 MP Camera Drone. Pictured - Carter's Mountain.

This month we've been working just below Morven at what is now Rooks Ford Farm. Here is an excpert from VDOT records regarding Rooks Ford and it's interpretation...

"...another petition of the same date, this time with Thomas Walker and Thomas Bibb as petitioners, was handled within two months. As a result on 27 March 1746 O.S. a road was ordered from the 3 notch'd road to Rooks Foard, from thence the best way a Cross Buck Island Creek to Martin Kings and John Anthony's Roads. Rook's Ford, the name of which may have derived from its proximity to a roosting place for rooks or crows, was apparently located near the later site of Milton since it is mentioned in Jefferson's 1765 scheme to improve the Rivanna River from Rook's ford to its mouth. From the Three Notch'd Road near present Shadwell this road probably followed Route 729 through the ford thence, still on Route 729, down across Buck Island Creek to Martin King's Road (Route 618). One might be inclined to accept present Route 53 across Buck Island Creek as this road except for the knowledge that it is a product of the 1790ís. Route 729 also has more the look of the directness in the line it takes to accomplish its purpose..."

Rooks Ford land was previously owned by W.Va. Governor Jim Justice and prior to Justice, the Westvaco packing company. The new owners are working with us to sustainably restore and develop the property.

This property normally boasts panoramic views of Carter's Mountain and the Blue Ridge in the distance. This week, with the prevailing wings and extensive smoke creating the perfect haze, we could not see much of Carter's Mountain. Below is the view from a typical sunny day with the same drone camera.


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