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Forestry Mulching

Trail Creation

Forestry mulching offers incredible value in clearing trails. Without needing additional time and equipment to clear, move, burn, and regrade, forestry mulching often is a better choice for trail creation. Leaving behind a layer of mulched material naturally keeps nutrients in the topsoil and suppresses any early successional and woody re-growth. 

Timber Stand Improvement

Pine and hardwood plantations can be manicured for ease of maintenance and a more efficient harvest, meaning a more profitable harvest. A single forestry mulching can be more productive and effective than a crew with brush clearing hand tools. Forestry mulching can also increase ease of equipment access for further improvements to the soil as well as chemical applications to manage invasive species. 

Pastures & Fields

Pastures and fields have traditionally been cleared using three pieces of heavy equipment. Excavated stumps and toppled trees are either hauled or burned on-site. These methods are high-impact and drastically reduce fertility. Forestry mulching can reduce the demand for heavy equipment for individual projects and preserve pasture and field quality. 

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