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Wildlife Habitat


Whether you have a good, naturally occurring, wetland habitat or would like to create one, we can help. From planting crops to the long-awaited flooding, we can create a design based on your land and implement the design to create the perfect waterfowl habitat.


Warm season grasses and early successional growth are quails best friend. Enhance your property's habitat for quail by providing them shelter. Whether you're planning on harvesting timber, or already have cleared land, understand what is best to offer quail shelter and food. 


Are you wanting to keep your herd healthy and nearby? Do you want that trophy buck and need to keep them attracted to your property during rutting season? We work with landowners to determine what their property offers for their local deer population, and what improvements could be made to enhance their properties carrying capacity. 


Pollinator meadows are becoming more popular and rightfully so. They are stunning and the activity within can be breathtaking. Seeing thousands of insects and birds enjoy the nectars and habitat within a meadow is awe-inspiring. 


Idyllic sunflowers; summer sunrise; doves. Prepare the best dove fields with the proper location and layout. A field oriented the wrong way will certainly make for an unpleasant hunt. We assist in planning and planting your dove fields and maintaining them for the best experience. 

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