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What 'Wood' You Do?

Pre & post storm cleanup can yield an opportunity for wonderful furniture and more...


Here, Michael Lohr of WoodLore Creations offloads 33" diameter white oak logs to be milled and dried for custom furniture.


Would you take your opportunity to create custom furniture?

Bredder Land Management was recently contacted by a client that needed logs transported to a custom saw mill in Lexington. At first, we weren't sure we could help as we're not truly outfitted to transport logs effectively or efficiently. However, with a little work prioritizing the logs and selecting the species to be transported, we were able to take two large loads of logs to the aforementioned sawyer.

Here is our last load of white pine and some white oak being transported. Each log is estimated to weight between 2,000 and 4,000 Lbs. depending on diameter and length.


These logs were likely once saplings that sprouted not far outside of the clients stunning 1912 farm house and over the years became more of a concern than a welcome natural aesthetic. Rings on the logs show that the tree was healthy until it died recently. This prompted the clients to remove the tree, before a storm could cause the tree to topple on to their home or adjacent structures.

Why not make something of the tree? Why dispose of it, turn it into firewood, or simply let it rot away somewhere? Seriously, this is century old white oak and nearly the same age white pine...This is truly an opportunity to have wonderful pieces of wood and custom furniture.

This client did exactly that and plans to have a custom farm table and chair set made, as well as mill the white pine to later install built-in shelving, or perhaps replace their own original white-pine floors as needed. The opportunities are endless, from custom cabinets, office desks and furniture, to unique flooring, island countertops and more.

The next time you have an arborist remove a tree, consider what you 'wood' do with the remnants...


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