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Spring is Around the Corner...

It's 67* today and I wouldn't be surprised if weeping cherries were blooming tomorrow...


As we approach spring, we are focusing on wrapping up some larger winter projects and getting new projects ready for the spring and summer. We are finishing up another several mile cattle fence project and will be laying out several water troughs from Cobett Water systems based out of East Peru, Iowa. I think there are more head of cattle than people out there, so we highly recommend the Cobett geothermal water systems for not just cattle, but horses, sheep & goats, and other livestock. We're a certified installer for these troughs and MiraCo, if you're more keen on ball waterers.

Cobett waterers implement a geothermal design so you won't have to worry about running an expensive 12-Guage electric cable alongside your water line, putting heaters out, or repeatedly breaking the finger-numbing ice every winter morning.

We're also finishing a new property for a client starting a commercial tree farm.

We've had a lot of fun working with this client over the last few months to get this dream of theirs perfect. This week we'll be doing the final touches so they'll be ready to plant nearly 700 hardwood bare-root trees in their first phase of several plantings. We worked with these clients repeatedly to come up with a plan and a map of their tree farm, as well as incorporate the other half of the property into a wildlife sanctuary, especially for white-tail deer. We've spent the deer season monitoring herds and buck population, as well as getting ready to improve the year-round forage by planting food plots, working with the existing timber stands, cutting trails and improving travel corridors through native plantings and woodland transitions into the pastures.

We've come up with dozens of unique plans for different clients and different applications. This tree farm is a one-off for these clients and will - in an ideal world - ceteris paribus - prove profitable after only two years, and we'll drop in another few acres of trees next time.


We're also looking to manage several thousand more acres this year...

...And install two equestrian facilities, and become an authorized dealer for the only ground stabilization product that comes with a life-time warranty AND is made in the USA - VersiGrid. These are the only true quality, recycled products that work excellent for permeable driveways, all types of equestrian and other livestock solutions, and more.

Here is an installation of VersiGrid where horses are turned out and it was previously a muddy mess. These replace the poor soils with a permeable, non-migrating surface that is the only true long-term solution to muddy and messy areas around barns.

We're currently scheduling for this spring

Amongst fencing and unique projects, we offer a variety of farm-type excavation services and ecologically sound farm maintenance. We're scheduled to build a new access road for three different clients this year as well as excavate a pond. We have one employee getting his horticultural certification this year, as well as a company trip planned to a land management seminar. We're expanding our shop and have opened our office, located just five minutes North-West of Earlysville. We hope to see you around and certainly hope you are enjoying this early spring feeling as much as we are.

Our office space is undergoing a minor makeover this spring after the addition of Ellie, our office manager who has done an absolutely fantastic job of keeping the wheels turning more efficiently than ever! Stop by to meet us and choose from a blend of coffees for our Keurig!


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