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Restoring a Historic Property

We're excited to be working at one of Albemarle's most impressive historic equestrian properties to restore the farm to its former glory.

Nydrie Stud has a long and impressive history breeding race horses in Albemarle County. It has spent the last few decades falling into near-disrepair. We've recently began assessing the property, taking samples of all useable pastures, identifying harvestable stands of trees to mill for siding to replace asbestos siding, repairing and replacing fencing, and finding the water systems and understanding how it is all connected. We recently uncovered the main brick barn by removing what is likely 50 years of English ivy growth.

The Ivy vines reached 3" thick in some places and has done significant damage to the wood soffits.

There was a working stoplight system on one of the corners of the barn.

We'll be working to return 585 acres of prime pasturage to it's former glory.


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