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Nursery, Phase 1

We had the pleasure of wrapping up the establishment of a tree farm earlier this month.

Over 700 bare root trees have been planted as a first phase for this client's nursery start-up.

We thoroughly enjoy unique projects. Many contractors turn away at the idea of doing something outside of their comfort zone, but we look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and use our expertise and apply it to new and challenging concepts. This is our passion - We combine our teams aggregate knowledge - decades of construction and horticultural knowledge - to create perfect solutions for any client that appreciates a healthy balance of function and aesthetics.

We started with several site visits and came up with a master plan for the client, designing their tree farm quite literally from the ground up. After soil samples, amendments, and scheduling, we were able to break ground on this project.

These are the final results. The goal is to eventually take the whole area of retired pasture and have acres and acres of trees. We've prepared roughly 1 1/2 acres this time.


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