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Erosion, Clearing, Plots and Fence

We amended and sowed hilly sites to mitigate erosion issues last month. We also cleaned a small stream that did not flow because of the dense vegetation and revisited an established cleared site and a clover food plot.


This week we visited a clients property to ensure our work was successful beyond the short-term. While we were visiting to address some other needs, we checked on the establishment of a cleared site we completed earlier this year. We sowed using a blend of quality pasture grasses and rye and clover cover crop.

This is the site immediately after our clearing and grading work was completed.

We drilled in a white dutch clover and crimson red clover plot as well. We just missed the vibrant flowering but we're seeing good establishment on a several acre food plot.

We also checked on the trees and did some mowing and spraying amongst the hay making. Notice the darker green tree rows on the hillside.


In Keswick, we cleaned up a very rough ditch to allow the new culvert we installed actually flow. Here is after we cleaned up the stream bank and installed a culvert to be able to cross the stream.

This is the opposite side of the creek that will be cleared later this summer and is representative of what the above creek looked like before we cleared it.

And here is a picture of several thousand feet of three board fence we installed on the back of the property line.


Meanwhile, at Bundoran Farm, we helped establish some native warm season and nitrogen fixing grasses, sedges and covers to mitigate some erosion occurring from previous intensive maintenance practices.

Notice the tiny clover seeds; yellow and purple dots.


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