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Cover Cropping for Hayfields

We took a hayfield out of production this year to see how we can make it better next year.



Clover is arguably one of the best cover crops. We may be biased, but, just look at it.

It can produce up 30 to 60 lbs/acre annually in fair soils, and more in more basic soils.

It can be sown in any cash crops or orchards, it can be grazed, it can....I digress.

Last year we took an underperforming stand of hayfields and killed it in the early fall. We sowed a winter cover crop of crimson clover. In an effort to prevent frost-kill, we inter-seeded a cereal rye crop. Although we love pure stands of crimson clover, it worked out well to mix the two species for our intended purposes.

Before and After ----

Pictured above: Drill seeding the blend of seed at the desired rate. Approximately 15 lbs/acre of each seed was sowed.

Pictured to the right: Late - April / Early May, the clover was at peak bloom, the cereal rye seed heads just emerging.


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