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Burning for Wildlife

Burning is one of the best tools for managing large tracts of timber for wildlife.



Last week, we performed a first entry burn on 16 acres of pine. This parcel had never been burned before, therefore we deem it a "first entry". Once a property has been burned, it really needs to continue burning for the habitat to perform well in all regards.


We're all set to burn.


We performed a growing season burn for a few reasons. There was roughly 4" of duff layer, comprised of pine needles, pine bark and leaves, all at the beginning stages of decomposition. This fuel on the ground, along with other limbs and twiggy material, can really be burned at any time of the year, however, we wanted to target the under story and mid-story growth at the same time. Although the first year burn may not get all of the mid-story growth, we can expect to target this growth more in coming burns.


You can now see through the tract. Notice the ashes, burned hardwood mid-story growth with some of the taller mid-story canopies still somewhat green.


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