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Arrowheads from 2,000 B.C.

Recently, we ran into two guys who've hunted artifacts for over 60 years.


Above is a specimen found in Albemarle County last week, not far from the Milton area.

Charles Greer is 87 years old. He wanders, seemingly aimlessly, through a recently ripped, rough field that once was a centuries old stand of commercial timber. He grips his cane and calls his friend over, who is a much younger 80 years. His friend carries a .357 for protection from bears, and wields a cane in one hand, and a pole with his phone attached at the end for surveying in his other.

Myself and three colleagues just happened to stumble on Charles last week as we were taking a back road to one of the properties we manage. As four adult men climbed out of a pick-up truck, Charles called his friend over, gun on hip. Charles said he could still manage to take on two of us should we attempt to take their findings, but he needed back-up to take on all four of us. Charles had a great sense of humor as he showed us what he was lucky enough to find just minutes before we arrived.

"Archeologists have told us that most of our findings are from the 2,000 to 1,500 B.C. timeframe. We find a lot from this central and southern Albemarle area and largely in clusters. They had hunting parties, sites where they'd hammer all of the stone arrowheads, axes, whetstones, all sorts of stuff you'd find in a small area."

Below are some more findings from this property made over the past few years.


Charles, a stone mason his entire life, has been searching for a different kind of stone since he was a teenager. Between the two of them, they've amassed thousands of artifacts from the area and surrounding counties. We have over a hundred acres to sub-soil rip and will invite them over to see if they can find anything.


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