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Designing & Consulting 

Maintenance Plans

Maintaining a large farm or estate can be a daunting, overwhelming task. Where should you prioritize your budget? What goals are reasonable and how can your budget be maximized to best preserve the function and aesthetics of your property?


Beyond the traditional design scope around the main residences, we work specifically with larger properties to determine the design and layout of timber stands, wildflower and pollinator meadows, crops, roadways, plantings, tree screenings, and more. We take into account every individual goal and create a holistic bespoke plan for your property. 

Hunting Property

When considering a property that will primarily be used for hunting, you should establish an idea of the carrying capacity a habitat has, what forage is available and how the the property best be utilized and improved to make every hunting experience more enjoyable and fruitful. 

Timber Stand Improvement

Getting a fruitful harvest relies on a long-term management plan that can better ensure the quality of your hardwoods or softwoods. Knowing where to invest and where to allow natural succession to occur is important for a profitable harvest. 

Recreational Property

Hiking & mountain bike trails, river walks, ponds, wildlife habitat, custom landscapes and farming, skeet shooting ranges, and everything in between. With the right resources, all of these unique goals can be accomplished with proper planning and design consulting. 


Many construction projects often need thoughtful consideration, design, modeling, and planning. Where is the best location for a certain project? What is the correct process and timing to perform certain projects, and what is the impact on the adjacent or nearby areas and how does it fit in the grand scheme of your vision?

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