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Charlottesville Landscape Contractor


Maintenance Planning

& Design

Maintaining a large property, fine property, or estate can be a daunting, overwhelming task. Where should you prioritize your budget? What goals are reasonable and how can your budget be maximized to best preserve the function and aesthetics of your property?

Drill Seeding & Planting

We offer a variety of custom options for planting and seeding any number of crops and cover. We employ large, 115 HP tractors to efficiently and properly get any job done. 

Landscape Installation

Installing a thoughtful landscape starts with consideration of its uses and the clients needs. Working from a proper design, our trained horticulturists are on-site during installation to ensure proper care is given and the designs are followed perfectly. 

Bush Hogging

For larger fields, pastures, warm season grass stands, pollinator and wildflower meadows. Keeping these areas of a property maintained ensure that meadows are in an artificial stage of early successional growth, and that woody growth is not competing for space in your well-maintained spaces. 

Landscape Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is the best way to protect the investment made into a fine landscape. Properly timed pruning, trimming, deadheading, and other care is required to properly maintain one's landscape. From mulch installation to find gardening, we are able to effectively maintain fine properties. 

Planting & Transplanting

Plants die, aesthetics change, and favorite plants may need to be relocated. We offer a variety of equipment and expertise to assist in carefully transplanting specimen trees, shrubs, and even larger species that require tree-spades. 

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