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Invasive Species


There is much more that meets the eye with invasive species. When is the best time of year to treat specific species? Should you try to work with adjacent landowners to mitigate the spread of invasive species, are your creeks and rivers the main source, or is there a prolific spreading situated out of sight on your property? What is the best starting point, and what is the most cost effective approach?

Mechanical Treatment

One of the primary methods of controlling invasive species is physically mechanically controlling them. This can be via heavy equipment, forestry mulching or using saws and man-power. Mechanical methods are often used in conjunction with or as a precursor for chemical applications. 

Chemical Treatment

Herbicide applications are the most effective way to treat invasive species. Certain species require different chemicals and ratios of those chemicals to be effective. Certain species require different mechanical methods and specific timing to maximize the results of the applications. 

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