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Fence Installation


Our trained crews use the latest equipment and the best tools to provide the best quality fence. We also use the best materials that last longer than average materials. We use larger posts with Chromate-Copper-Arsenate (CCA) treatment, which is the industrial and agricultural grade treating that is only found with specific vendors. We use rough-sawn pressure treated poplar boards for a true 1"+ thickness so our fences are less prone to warping, especially when comparing oak or pine variants. Our fasteners are top-of-the-line ring-shanked and hot-dipped-galvanized to provide the maximum board-holding strength and longevity. 

Woven Wire

Our crews are well-versed in woven wire installation for livestock and equestrian applications. We use industry-leading Stay-Tuff brand woven wire products and only install high-tensile fixed knot fences. The alternative to high-tensile and fixed knot fence is low-carbon steel and hinge-joint fence, respectively. High-tensile, fixed knot fence has a measured stretch of 1-3% over the life of the fence, whereas the alternative is measured to stretch up to 15%. This can lead to unwanted livestock pressure on posts and sagging. 

Vineyards & Nurseries

We also offer comprehensive vineyard trellis installation, repair, and establishment. We install deer-fencing for viticulture and horticulture applications that may include a mixture of woven wire fence and high-tensile electrifiable fence. Our insulators and electrifiable products are, again, sourced from top-notch vendors so the finished fence will outlast much of the traditional fence products. 

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