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Excavation Contractor Charlottesville Virginia



Newly acquired, raw land can present a wonderful tabula-rasa. It also means that you'll have to establish basic necessities of the property. This can include clearing and creating new road access, creating driveways, creating trail systems, home-site and barn construction access, and more. 


Do you have a dilapidated barn without much historic or sentimental significance? Do you have a pool that has lost it's function or appeal over the years? We're well equipped to handle the demolition of private structures and features to further improve the functional and aesthetic value of land. 


We often work with clients who may not have realized the potential for stunning views of the blue-ridge. We've used drone photography to determine homesites, trail locations, and view openings to ensure the best views can be had from any desired location on the property. 


Grading is often overlooked. Moving dirt can be a lot of work, and be much more technical than initially considered. With laser measurements, grade-reading tools and special equipment, we can properly establish level building sites, roads, and make certain parts of land more useable and productive in private residence and farm applications


One necessity of larger farms and estates is the broad access to water and electricity on a property. Your only water or electric source should not be across the entire property. We work with land owners to establish logical electric and water access for barns, recreation, horticulture and agriculture uses, and exterior lighting. 


The environmental impact of new features is a very important consideration. New construction, barns, and flood-plains may require drainage systems to properly mitigate water run-off. Streams, creeks, and rivers may all need to be re-shored at times to prevent extensive erosion and re-routing. 

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