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About Us

Bredder Land Management is the culmination of: a vision for greatness for the farms and estates of Central Virginia; specific training and skills acquired over the course of a decade working on high profile farms and estates in the greater Charlottesville area; a highly skilled crew that has been vetted for their attention to detail and care for quality work. It doesn't get more farm & estate oriented than us. 

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Need an experienced farm management company?

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Want to maximize your property's maintenance budget? Want to spend more on the things you can enjoy?


Maintenance & Use Planning 
Fence & water systems
excavation and infrastructure
vineyard installation and maintenance
wildlife and custom farming
comprehensive groundskeeping

Designing, restoring, developing, and maintaining virginia's fine properties and farms. 

over a decade of experience

Conor D. Bredder

          "I recall helping my mother in her garden, and my father in the garage and around our property. My mother has a wonderful green thumb and worked very hard to make our home look that much more appealing. My father is incredibly handy. He has been an engineer for most of his life. He was always improving our property with his own two hands. I'm lucky enough to have such industrious and crafty role models for parents. They are the reason why I became so enthralled in creating appealing properties and managing farms at such a young age.

          I went on to study business management at Old Dominion University. I then went on to study horticulture and integrated pest management practices. I've since helped manage dozens of properties and estates in Central Virginia. I know how expansive the region is and just how much land there is, and how little help landowners are offered. After many years of learning from some of the best contractors in the region and having such relevant experience, I decided to offer my knowledge and experiences to others in a way I could feel passionate about. My true passion is making perfectly functional and absolutely stunning land in central Virginia. 

          Each day I look forward to sharing my passion with one more person. I hope I am able to share it with you"

Conor Bredder Land Management Company Virginia
Bredder Land Management Company Charlottesville Virginia

Our Misson


Virginia is just naturally stunning. 


Through the use of native plantings and riparian management, we can help maintain Virginia's breathtaking views. Without regard for the hundreds of species of animals and insects that rely on native landscapes and clean water, Virginia can't possibly sustain it's beauty for our children and grandchildren. This is why, at Bredder Land Management, we work closely with our clients to develop the best management practices for their land, farm, or estate. Our mission is to provide the most outstanding service for everyone: Our clients, our children and grandchildren, our forests, our waterways, and all of the wildlife that inhabit our Virginia. 

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